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Med X equipment Integrative Phsyical Therapy Anchorage Alaska

Integrative Physical Therapy and Spine Treatment Center utilizes state of the art Med X rehabilitation equipment. This equipment differs significantly from the equipment at your gym. It is crucial to isolate the back's extensor muscles in order to strengthen them.  Without isolation of these muscles during testing and exercise other muscle groups (such as the gluteal, hamstring, quadriceps or latissimus muscles) will perform the exercise and they are strengthened rather than the back muscles you are targeting.  This is one of the reasons why people injure their backs.  Other muscle groups are doing the work for the weaker spine muscles and when the body actually calls on them, they are just not up to the task.  Thus, injuries often occur if these foundational and core muscles are not strengthened.  The Med X Lumbar and Cervical machines ensure that the muscles that need to be strengthened, are the ones that are. As you can see there are many points of stabilization to assure that the spine muscles are the ones doing the work. Medical evidence suggest that weakness of the trunk muscles causes or contributes to more than 80% of all low back pain cases. 

Lumbar Med X machine, Integrative Physical Therapy Anchorage, AlaskaWe know from clinical experience that back pain, even when treated successfully in the clinic or with surgery, will most often reoccur if the trunk muscles are not strong enough to adequately support and protect the spine. Integrative Physical Therapy and Spine Treatment Center is the only clinic in Alaska to utilize the Med X equipment.  The Med X lumbar extension unit was developed specifically for rehabilitation of the injured back. It utilizes software that allows us to assess your backs Range of motion (ROM) as well as the degree of weakness. Additionally we can then use it to strengthen weak trunk muscles aggressively with total confidence that the right muscles are being targeted.

Published medical research reveals that a 42% to 102% improvement in back strength can be produced even in healthy individuals with only a once a week Med X exercise session over a 10-week period.  Clinical experience with the Med X has shown us that improvements in back strength of as much as 50% is possible for our back patients in the first four weeks of exercise with twice a week sessions.

The Med X is a vital part of our program at Integrative Physical Therapy and Spine Treatment Center.  Our goal is not only to decrease your pain and improve your function, but also to prevent your back problem from reoccurring again in the future. Reoccurrence rates of back pain after recovery has  been noted to be as high as 58% (citation here…..).  The Med X is one of the most effective tools available today for resolving back pain problems as well as preventing future reoccurrence of back pain. In addition to the Med X other spinal stabilization exercises are utilized to be sure all aspects of a fully recovery are addressed. Once you have completed Physical Therapy you will be discharged with a home exercise program that will enable you to remain healthy and painfree.         

   Med X Cervical  

The Med X Cervical Extension machine is highly reliable and specific for the quantification of isometric cervical extension strength and dynamic resistance training.  Isometric testing can be performed every three degrees (Same as on the Lumbar machine) through a 126 degree range of motion.  Validity is achieved by effectively stabilizing the torso to achieve cervical extension muscle isolation.

  Cervical Med X machine, Integrative Physical Therapy Anchorage Alaska    
Counterbalancing the mass of the head is performed to ensure accurate torque assessment by eliminating the effects of gravity. Because the cervical muscles must continually support ight of the head, headache and neck pain are common clinical complaints. These ailments often originate as a result of muscular weakness or traumatic injury. Much the same as with the lumbar extension machine, weak neck extensors can cause pain.  (Especially after an injury or pain patients are left with weakness predisposing them to reoccurrence of pain or re-injury). Your treatment will also incorporate strengthening of the surrounding supportive musculature in the shoulder girdle.

The Experience

The first thing you’ll notice once you are in the MED X equipment is it’s specific. You will feel the support and stabilization that is so important to get the specific muscular isolation we are looking for. The clinician will then assess your personal Range Of Motion (ROM), or how far you can move your back or neck. That way we know that you can work in a ROM that is safe and comfortable for you. Once all that is set up, it’s exercise time. Initially the weight will be easy. It will get More challenging as time goes on. Typically people exercise two times a week for 4 weeks. Our goal is to get you back to your pre-injured strength levels. If you’ve had pain for a long time our target will be age, weight, and height adjusted “Norms”. They are based on what healthy people can do with body types similar to yours.

  Assessing Your Strength

Both the Cervical and Lumbar machines are capable of testing your strength. We can test in increments as small as every 3 degrees. We can also identify strength deficits of as small as 1%.  Once the test is performed, which usually only takes about 5 to 10 minutes, the computer can analyze the data. It will produce a graph such as the one shown here. Med X screen shot and graph of weakness low back painIn this example the lowest line is the force this person generated (Magenta). The red line above it is where the “average” person of his age, weight, and height tested. Our goal is to get your strength to average or above to prevent you from having pain or a re-injury. A published study followed patients who had low back pain for an average duration of 26 months. 627 patients completed the program. They were treated with the MED X lumbar extension machine in addition to other abdominal and aerobic conditioning exercises. 76% of the patients completing the program had good or excellent results. Furthermore, a follow up 1 year after completing the program revealed that 94% of those patients maintained their improvements.

So, yes the results will last. The people in this study were also given a home exercise program to use once their treatment was concluded as will you. Low back pain does not have to be a recurrent problem, but you will have to be active in being sure it is not. We can show you how.


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