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We are in the process of updating the website. The new page(s) will contain more clinical information, current research, and one of the reasons that you are probably here, a lot more photographs! I have been sharing my photography for a while now and have managed to scatter images in multiple locations. My most recent posts and images will be found on our office's Facebook page (link) and (soon) on the new website. If you haven't already stop by and "Like" us, we'd appreciate that.

My old photography site can be found here greene-art.com. There are some awesome images of our old reef tank and it's inhabitants here (reeftank). There are a handful of images here including some from Churchill (Polar Bears) on this page (Churchill), and finally, there are a ton of images on the original blog pages on the current site (wild flowers). Here are the archives where there are a ton of pages and images including underwater images I took in Fiji (archives).

So happy travels and I hope you enjoy the images. Like our office Facebook page and be sure to see the most recent ones.




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