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about the clinic

Welcome medical providers. Please be aware aware that we’ve physically moved to 4001 Lake Otis Pkwy (just down from where we were) and have added an SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) to our team. PT referrals are often made based on geographic location but when it comes to patient care and outcomes this is not ideal. Consider some findings from the last decade of research. (more expanded discussion with the references below).

Take advantage of our Diploma trained MDT clinician specifically trained to help classify, identify, and treat patients. Patients that are appropriate for conservative therapy can quickly be ruled in or out and the appropriate treatment rendered. Even patients in significant acute pain can often have rapidly reducible pain. If PT is not effective the patient is referred back for other consideration such as an ESI or otherwise. There is no need for prolonged ineffective interventions or worse yet, having a patient actually getting worse from PT.

If you have any questions about this approach, our training, our clinic, or anything else please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Louis Greene MSPT, Dip. MDT


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