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about the clinic

Integrative Physical Therapy and Spine Treatment Center is a Physical Therapy clinic that also provides Occupational and Speech-Language therapy. The clinic is therapist owned and operated and located in the U-Med district of Anchorage, Alaska (see map). We have 2000sq/ft including 5 large private rooms and a gym area with more equipment than we have space to list here. We have what we need to get you better. Being therapist owned and operated we are well aware of the rising costs to our patients. We don't need to answer to a big corporation so our clinical decisions are always made with the patient's needs in the forefront.


There are many things that make us different from the other clinics in town. One is that we specialize in treating the Spine. We have chosen specific training and equipment to do that in the most cost efficient and expedited manner possible. We have the only Diploma level MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) certified clinician working in a private practice within in the entire state. We use MDT (also know as the McKenze method) for our evaluations and treatment. This approach has been validated time and time again in the scientific literature (learn more here). In fact a 2014 study found that when patients with low back were treated by clinicans with McKenzie training the functional status at discharge was better, and a lower number of total visits were required (Deutscher, D. et al. 2014).

We are also the only PT clinic in Alaska with the VAX-D and MED X equipment and the only private practice adult based outpatient facility with PT, OT, and SLP all in the same office. Our skills and equipment have been providing Alaska outstanding results in treating low back and neck pain for nearly 12 years. We don't just stop there though. We also treat a wide variety of other problems including Orthopedic sprains and strains (knees, shoulders, and ankles), Total Joint Replacements (hips, knees, shoulders), neck pain, repetitive stress disorders (carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow), arthritis, bursitis (shoulders and hips for example) other pain causing conditions, imbalance, frequent falls, or deconditioning in general or after a stroke.

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We are also very fortunate to have on our staff a highly trained Occupational and Speech therapist as well. Both of these outstanding clinicians come with advanced and diverse training allowing us to provide you treatment that is unparalleled in the state.


Our staff believes firmly in patient education. A patient who understands their problem and what specific exercise they need to do, they're more likely to do it. That leads to more rapid results, and better patient outcomes. This saves you time and money as was as provides you with independence to then treat yourself! If you don't understand something, ask us. Knowledge is truly power and will help you recover in the most efficient way possible. If you're not improving tell us. All too often we see patients who have left other clinics because of lack of progress. We'll generally know in 5 visits or less if we can help you.


Feel free to stop in. We'd love to show you our facility or answer any questions that you may have. Alternatively you can email us at: IPTalaska@gmail.com. It doesn't matter if your doctor has referred you, a friend told you about us, or you just made an appointment on your own. Just use the link below to print our intake forms and you'll be on you way to alleviating your pain.

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Deutscher, D., et al. (2014). Physical Therapist' Level of McKenzie Education, Functional Outcomes, and Utilization in Patients With Low Back Pain. JOSPT, 44 (12), pp 925-936.

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